V2X, Inc. is a leading provider of critical mission solutions primarily to defense clients in 343 locations and 45 countries and territories worldwide. Our global footprint and ability to deliver full lifecycle converged solutions across the world enables us to support the success of our clients' missions rapidly and with precision.

Our market is rapidly transforming as the digital and physical aspects of our clients’ missions converge. Market demand and growth is being driven by our clients’ priorities and needs to maintain readiness, improve performance, increase service life, lower cost, and enable connectivity across the digital and physical environments for all domains of their operations. Based on V2X’s assessment of this market, the company sees an addressable market opportunity of approximately $160 billion dollars. This market transformation is creating a significant opportunity for V2X to differentiate and deliver growth.

We seek to drive growth and deliver value through our strategic framework, which consists of the following strategies: Expand the Base, Capture New Markets, Deliver with Excellence, and Enhance Culture.

Expand the Base

We strive to enhance our business by strengthening our methods and approaches to deliver higher value, high-impact services to our clients, while growing our strong foundation in our core capabilities across the mission lifecycle.  The expansion of scope on existing business, execution of our solution sell-through model, and client engagement initiatives are key components of this strategy.

Capture New Markets

We are focused on creating a higher-value, technology-enabled and differentiated platform by strengthening our technology competencies and fusing the physical and digital aspects of our clients' missions. This strategy focuses on capturing new markets, organically and inorganically, introducing new clients, new capabilities, and new products / solutions, as well as international client expansion and targeted growth campaigns that leverage our strong foundation in aerospace solutions, advanced technology, and global mission training and sustainment. Additionally, we plan to build off of V2X’s enhanced capability set that includes rapid prototyping, platform modernization, 5G, predictive maintenance, software development, cyber asset hardening, and virtual reality training solutions to access new business opportunities, funding streams, and markets that are expected to drive incremental growth.

Deliver With Excellence

Our initiatives focused on delivery excellence are designed to improve client relationships and improve business performance. As part of this strategy, we are standardizing, improving, and automating our core operational capabilities through enterprise systems excellence, as well as technology insertion and enablement. For example, we are leveraging our enhanced scale and footprint to further enable global supply chain as a core competency. This core competency is expected to drive efficiencies to both external clients and our core internal operations. Additionally, we incorporate continuous improvement and delivery excellence processes throughout all aspects of our business. Our initiatives, processes, and technology within Delivery Excellence also integrate into our Expand the Base, Capture New Markets, and Enhance Culture strategies, which further drives value creation and differentiation.

Enhance Culture

Our culture is foundational in our ability to connect people, technology, and capabilities globally across the mission lifecycle. Our ethical culture and people serve as the foundation for providing long-term value to our stakeholders. We strive to support our people to ensure they can bring their best selves to work. We will continue to build and leverage an inclusive business environment by developing leadership competency, increasing employee engagement, and building organizational capacity.